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Managed Payroll with the advantage of Online Payroll Software

Paysquare provides end-to-end managed payroll services with the advantage of online Payroll software to its customers, so that they can continue to focus on running their business.
A typical view of Paysquare managing payroll using online Payroll software (myPayroll + Precision)

Consolidating inputs

  • Admin inputs from HR/Finance organizations. This could include
    • Standard payroll inputs like salary break-up information by employee etc.
    • Special payroll inputs like exit employees, bonus information, Awards, leave related rules
    • Possible to enter manually or bulk upload using online payroll software (myPayroll)
  • Employee inputs
    • Tax related declarations
    • Leave information
    • Payroll & non-payroll re-imbursements
    • All inputs provided through online payroll software (myPayroll)
  • Third party inputs
    • Attendance information from swipe or biometric attendance systems
    • Leave information from 3rd party HR software, if applicable

Providing outputs & reports

  • Admin reports
    • Payroll register, Bank file
    • Variance report, payroll summaries by location, unit
  • Employee reports
    • Payslips
    • Tax statements
    • PF & other Fund related statements

You might be keen to know what our means of engagement are

Commercials for every engagement could differ based on a variety of factors, but this is how the Commercial model typically looks like

& here’s why Paysquare is different and can provide you with a unique value