Paysquare - A leader in Payroll Outsourcing

Ensuring timely and accurate salary processing for its employees is a must for every business, but it is easier said than done. How do you go about managing varied salary structures? How about factoring in dynamic HR inputs like leaves, loan advances, re-imbursements etc.? If you are taking care of all of this, have you been able to comply with the changing tax and statutory regulations? Payroll Outsourcing provides you the answers to these challenges.

If you are spending unreasonable amount of time, energy and resources managing your payroll challenges, then you should consider Payroll outsourcing.
Payroll outsourcing helps you to gain control over the payroll process and frees up considerable resources, equipment, time and bandwidth. Today, this is the preferred choice over setting up and managing an in-house payroll competence.
Paysquare is a specialist in the area of payroll outsourcing and is the preferred partner for 300+ clients. With 13+ years of strong domain experience, Paysquare processes over 150,000 monthly payroll records.
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